Saj Hussain

The Inner Circle

The Media are reporting that Asset Academy Ltd have gone into Administration with £3 Million of debts.

Over the years the organisation evolved from Tigrent and Legacy. It is shocking how this business failure was even possible.

I want to help those that have suffered by delivering £1 Million of training for no cost to Asset Academy Ltd students that have paid for training and not received it due to the business going into administration.

The business of training should not run into financial difficulty as they charge students up front. What makes me really angry is that from the £3 Million of debts that have been racked up I suspect a large chunk of that is students that have paid for training but not received it. It’s very likely that the organisation spent the money elsewhere rather than on delivering the training that was promised to the students.  The sad reality is the individuals that signed up as students hoping to change their lives are the ones suffering the financial loss now.

Hi, my name is Saj Hussain and as someone that started in property nearly 17 years ago with no knowledge, experience or money I was one of those that came through the property training world and went on to build a multi-million pound property portfolio and other property related businesses. As someone that over the last Decade has helped, supported and trained thousands of people in property investing I am well aware of what is possible with the right training and support.

I know the pain the students of Asset Academy will be feeling right now, and I want to reach out to help. 

I will deliver £1 Million of training for no cost to Asset Academy Ltd students that have paid for training and not received it due to the business going into administration.

This will include training such as finding deals, creative funding of deals, lease options, HMO’s, negotiation, serviced accommodation, BRRR, renovating, flipping and developments. 

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To apply for this training and support please complete the details below.
Each application will be individually reviewed for approval.

Disclaimer: I have no involvement with Asset Academy Ltd, Tigrent or Legacy. I just want to help those that have suffered from this business failure.

Personalised Strategy & Property Road Map

It all begins with a half-day of private 1-2-1 strategy planning with Saj Hussain at HQ. This meeting is all about understanding your property goals, where you are currently and then putting together a blueprint plan to achieve your goals.

If you already have property you’ll get Saj’s eyes on your current business set-up and portfolio, he’ll then spot the gaps, identify the leverage pockets and map out with you a personalised plan for the next 18 months. This will ensure that you’re heading in the right direction and you get everything you need from The Inner Circle.

Value £2,000

Regular Support & Accountability

Once your roadmap is set, it’s time for action. The Inner Circle prides itself on being a place of high accountability. Members get things done and achieve their goals thanks to the vast levels of support and resources made available. There’s no chance of slipping into the background or going off-track.
This includes:

How to Join The Inner Circle

Membership of The Inner Circle is by application only. This is to keep membership of the highest quality and maintain the intimate level of support. Each member has private and personal access to Saj, as well as becoming a peer of all existing members. Therefore we have a strict joining process in place.

To apply, you’ll need to fill out the application form on this page. This is done to see if you’re a good fit for the programme.

Once your application has been reviewed by our team, you’ll then have an interview with Saj. This is to have a frank and open discussion on your goals and how Saj can help you achieve them via The Inner Circle.

Pending approval, you’ll then be able to join and begin your Inner Circle membership.

18 month membership is available pending application at £18,000 +VAT (£21,600)