Which Property Strategy Will Work For YOU?

The property world is a vast, dynamic place full of opportunity and growth, so why do so many people fail to make it work for them?

Despite all the books and workshops, the no.1 reason people fail is they are not working on strategies that best suit THEM.

This Strategy Assessment is a quick and free way to find out which is the ideal property strategy for you, best suited to your current lifestyle, work, and ambitions.

Every person is different, and every goal and ambition has a place in property.

Let’s find out what yours is today!

Who is Saj Hussain?

Saj Hussain entered the world of property in 2007, and since then has built a multi-million pound portfolio. With deep expertise and experience in a range of strategies, Saj also founded a specialist HMO lettings and management agency with 500+ rooms, a Serviced Accommodation business that has generated £2 Million+, a property development business and a property maintenance company.

Passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience to help others create wealth through property, as well as collaborating with fellow investors to build successful joint ventures, Saj supports property investors through training, coaching and mentoring.

In this quick assessment, you take a look at the most crucial areas of running a property business, including:

Main Purpose

Not all people in property want the same things and not all strategies produce the same results

Time Availability

How much time you can dedicate has a direct impact on which strategy suits you, and there’s always something for everyone’s schedule, no matter how hectic!

Geographic Location

Where you want to invest in plays a big part in the scalability of your property business

And much more, including property cycles, access to capital and relevant knowledge.

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